White Horse Hair Control Cream


Forget sticky creams or stiff wax

Offer: Choose a 2-pack and save 5 USD against ordering two single packs. 

White Horse Control Cream – is an all-around product that gives your hair stability and shine while you get a soft finish. The cream is very generous and a small click is enough to create a hairstyle that lasts all day. Whether you want a relaxed and natural finish, a classic
men´s hairstyle or a 50s-inspired look, this hair cream gives you the optimal conditions.

You can use the cream in both wet and dry hair. Take a small click in the palm of your hand, rub your hands against each other and apply to your hair and shape the hairstyle you want. The cream has a fresh and very mild scent that does not interfere with other scents from for instance an after shave lotion.

White Horse hair cream is produced in Sweden – and is the original from the 50´s, an iconic product that together with Brylcream dominated the market – with James Dean, jeans and rock ´n role models.