A genuine men series making a comeback

The famous men’s series under the brand White Horse was originally created over 60 years ago by Sweden’s then sole perfumer Mr. Jonas.

Now we have used the original recipe for this classic masculine fragrance for men. Some perfume oils have, due prevailing provisions, been replaced by synthetic oils. However, there is still genuine rose oil in White Horse. Moreover – which is unique- White Horse Eau de Toilette is stored in oak barrels.Monsieur Jonas, Sweden's only perfumer at the time, created White Horse over 60 years ago

White Horse is completely Swedish origin from being manufactured in Parfumerie Segers premises on Karlavägen in Stockholm. White Horse was in the early 1960s, the dominant men’s series on the Swedish market, and the only complete men´s serie with products such as Hair Lotion, After Shave Lotion, El shave, Hair Cream, Shampoo, Deodorant, Shaving Cream, Soap, Shaving Soap, Brilliantine and Conditioner. Total sold over 16 million packs.

White Horse Hair Creme has always been on the market and now we are relaunching White Horse After Shave Lotion and White Horse Eau de Toilette.

After a number of years abroad J. Nordströms H. AB brought the White Horse brand home to Sweden again. Now the White Horse is regained back to its home pine owned by the family Jonas.

– “We are convinced that the White Horse products have a favorable platform for a complete Swedish men’s series on an expanding market, particularly in the Nordic region. Swedish men are using more and more cosmetic products, moreover, we notice a growing interest from abroad for Swedish cosmetics “, says Leif Jonas, son of the product perfumer.

The White Horse products are solid Swedish and produced by LTF in Linköping. LTF is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Medical and Technical products) which bodes for good quality and is environmentally good.