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Swedish car racing will now have a nice smell of fragrance!

Those who remember the Swedish car racing from the 60´s and 70´s is sure to rember how a little more odd brands and its representatives were interested in being seen.. It was understood that there was an exciting potential to reach out with its products in new and untouched markets. Many people certainly remember the gentlemen series Mennen among others sponsored by Picko Troberg for a few years. Pierre Robert with the PR for Men series was also often seen on Swedish racing cars.

Similarly, the company White Horse series exclusive products for gentlemen is now relaunching In the Nordic region. The White Horse products were especially popular in Norway and Finland sold to men who liked to appear and smell good.

White Horse After Shave, Eau de Toilet and Hair Control  Cream are included in the assortment that will now be visible on Swedish racing.

In conjunction with the Swedish motorsports premium class, STCC, an interesting formula car class – Formula STCC Nordic runs. A European unit class that is both fast, exciting and at the same time nursery school for young talent who wants to show that they are the next generation of Formula 1 drivers.

White Horse products are marketed by White Horse Products. Contact: info@whitehorseperfume.com

White Horse
White Horse